guess which of these uncannily accurate suggestions I was actually searching for

got a new camera so now when I teach remote, everyone can see my room in crisp detail 🙈🙈 (this is after moving the worst of the clutter out if frame)

help both my partners are looking at synths and i have no idea what's happening

lost one of my favorite tanks after 2 years and went to go buy another and... look who we have here 😛

oh, so there'll be nonbinary people in the new emojis including this "gender inclusive couple" aka "people holding hands"

I need to file this away for the next time a fellow white person objects to someone complaining about white people

excited to finally have a teaching assistant for my Intro to Machine Learning course 😊👩‍🏫🐕

last weekend we went to a cabin for my birthday, shoutout to these lovely people for always putting up with me

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Pretty Queer Online Instance

Cozy little instance for anyone who is comfy being part of something called "". We have a small cap right now and don't plan on increasing it, so if you know one of the admins, you might ask for an invite but otherwise, it might be best to find another home. <3