Google’s State Of The Art face recognition is trolling me about my partners

Really good feeling: this little figure is probably the cleanest explanation I've ever been able to muster for the importance of multiple layers and nonlinear activation in neural networks.

Neat new paper: & colleagues made clever use of screener questions to figure out the impact of mischievous responders on LGBT surveys given in schools.

There's likely a pretty important impact! Some areas are more affected than others


Glaring red flag for data ethics: someone insisting ~we don’t use skin color as an input therefore we can’t be discriminating based on skin color~

new thing to worry about: does this pattern clash with my tattoos? ⚔️

well *of course* Jon Haidt is present to argue against admitting black and brown students to NYC’s specialized high schools

Okay, I'm behind on everything but at least my soft-margin SVM lesson includes a slick widget showing how the hyperparameter C affects accuracy, the classification boundary, margins, and support vectors

I got to celebrate with my lil sis and new BIL and took a few cute pics while doing it! 👰🤵👯‍♀️

I spent the afternoon cataloging the format for linear equations used in different Machine Learning and Data Science textbooks. Would you believe that they're all slightly different?

Anyone else have a favorite textbook? Mine's absolutely AIMA. I was assigned it for a robotics course in 2010. 8.5 years later and now I'm teaching out of it.

I wish I had the time to write these days. My current nagging idea is to write about how the trans experience is a perfect example of the philosophical concept of a “Transformative Experience” á la LA Paul

me waiting in line for the women’s bathroom

me chasing after

keeping a close eye on this CRISPR story to see who can come up with the best unrelated twitter card image

new tasty ink

ya'll i think the cis are catching onto the tran fountain of youth effect

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