you can tell I'm still a baby gay bc I haven't learned not to crush on straight girls 😞

trans girls making a middle part work are braver than the troops

guess which of these uncannily accurate suggestions I was actually searching for

it's and my girlfriend is busy all day hanging out with carrie brownstein 😔

STG I've seen more people hop turnstiles because of shitty equipment than to evade fares.

There's nothing wrong with fare evasion. But if the MTA is worried about losing money, maybe they should focus on fixing shit

got a new camera so now when I teach remote, everyone can see my room in crisp detail 🙈🙈 (this is after moving the worst of the clutter out if frame)

help both my partners are looking at synths and i have no idea what's happening

lost one of my favorite tanks after 2 years and went to go buy another and... look who we have here 😛

okay, but does Marie Kondo really know how to fold my laundry better than the good people at my drop off laundry place? I think not

how do I stream music over WiFi in 2019 without putting a fucking always on digital assistant in my home? is Sonos actually the only thing?

I'm fairly certain that the solution to like 9/10 of my problems is having enough confidence and security in myself to not fall apart after every minor setback. Which, okay, but easier said than done

calling in reinforcements to remind me not to play the game of "can I be butch enough for straight girls?"

calling in reinforcements to remind me not to play the game of "can I butch enough for straight girls?"

my version of "pace yourself" is scarfing down a large order of fries between bars

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