help: are belt buckles for tops or bottoms?

you can tell i’m nearly thirty because i’m putting lewds on the alt instead of main

Google’s State Of The Art face recognition is trolling me about my partners

in the process of dressing a tad more butch for a couple of months, i’ve apparently forgotten how to dress femme without being a complete slut

Getting ready to move at the end of the month and I just realized that because of my name change I definitely have two credit scores depending on which name I use. And one is way higher than the other.

my **very** polish plumber has the english words for greetings, "coffee", "drain", and "big problem upstairs"

Really good feeling: this little figure is probably the cleanest explanation I've ever been able to muster for the importance of multiple layers and nonlinear activation in neural networks.

Neat new paper: & colleagues made clever use of screener questions to figure out the impact of mischievous responders on LGBT surveys given in schools.

There's likely a pretty important impact! Some areas are more affected than others


winter : in a coffee shop without a spare outlet? use the end of the xmas light strand

Glaring red flag for data ethics: someone insisting ~we don’t use skin color as an input therefore we can’t be discriminating based on skin color~

I finally got around to reading Beverly Cosgrove’s The Case Against Spiro

and gah, it has me thinking a lot. It’s probably worth a read to any trans person on spiro

new thing to worry about: does this pattern clash with my tattoos? ⚔️

well *of course* Jon Haidt is present to argue against admitting black and brown students to NYC’s specialized high schools

Okay, I'm behind on everything but at least my soft-margin SVM lesson includes a slick widget showing how the hyperparameter C affects accuracy, the classification boundary, margins, and support vectors

I got to celebrate with my lil sis and new BIL and took a few cute pics while doing it! 👰🤵👯‍♀️

danced at the one queer bar in my hometown and it was a surprisingly healing experience

i got group A boarding on a full southwest flight and it’s probably the greatest achievement of my life

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