was probably gonna put off refilling HRT meds indefinitely because of depression or whatever but then I got a zit on my face for the first time in forever

fuck this, diving back into the fountain of youth

cool thing about self fulfilling prophecies is that at least you get to be right

wild to think this track came out nearly two years ago and it's been my "cry on demand" song this entire time

people in my life: soph, you're good at so many things, go easier on yourself

me: yeah? what about *being happy*? not very good at that!

this entire day I've been looking forward to getting to penn station and inhaling a double quarter pounder with cheese before getting on the train to boston ☺️

taking a break from being horny on main to tweet about the actual thing that I work on as a career

wild to think about all the detentions the catholic schools gave me trying to force me to tuck in my shirt when all they had to do was let me become a girl and then point out how much slimmer my waistline looks with my shirt tucked in

okay now everyone is in on the TTRPG secret that necromancers are absolutely overpowered

if brienne dies I'm gonna haunt david benioff and d b weiss for the rest of their lives

saw the cutest, best behaved, scared little chihuahua yesterday. he was wandering lost off-leash and he eventually found his humans but not before my brain built an elaborate fantasy where his humans were missing so I had to take him home and care for him and grow old with him

I don't know if it's my 30s or if it's bc the last few years of my life have seen so much change but I've started to attach strong emotions to physical spaces and objects

instead of actually re-doing my nails I just put on another coat of paint and no this is not a metaphor for anything

having the kind of day where I don't take an umbrella because I want to be rained on

oh god, totally forgot my rule against listening to Mitski before teaching 😭

are @lucydacus@twitter.com and my therapist the same person? I've never seen them in the same room at the same time 🤔


personal announcement: I'm now, officially, an AI Trap

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