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what I've come to appreciate in the last 5 months
- difficult: writing
- very difficult: writing lessons for myself
- very very difficult: writing lessons for others to teach

yeah sex is cool but have you ever curled up in the corner seat of an r46 and laid your head against the window and just listened to the vibrations for a long train ride? ☺️🚇☺️🚇☺️

powerpoint is wild. how is it even possible to balloon a presentation to 10x file size when converting to pdf?
file.pptx (18.9 MB ) -> file.pdf (230.4 MB)

im in midtown and this donald trump junior impersonator looking dude has an i voted sticker

watching The Craft bc cassette’s coworker thought we dressed as them for halloween

some1 is wearing a maga hat at this after halloween party, i’m sure as a tasteless joke but also 🔪🔪🔪

i should probably not say “gaaaaaaay” to the boys kissing in front of me and my gf if they aren’t in on the joke

every screaming child is out and in costume in brooklyn and it’s hell

we’ve been going through The L Word at home and i still love parts about that show but also holy shit parts of it are awful

k, thing is, both of these can be true at the same time without invalidating each other:
1. Trump’s newest statements and policies will drastically harm some of the most vulnerable people.
2. He is doing this now for political gain in the upcoming election.

there’s a motorcycle club in my neighborhood members who ride in front of my apartment. their colors are a skull on top of an iron cross. and now i can’t think about anything else

im at a normie party in pasties and this cishet dude is dressed as ace ventura and we’re listening to rocky horror


send h e l p

im cheating and going as myself for halloween: sexy skeleton ☠️💀

tonight’s costume: the dirtbag boyfriend you wish you had

walking down 1st ave on the far right side.
dude #1 ignores me and swerves into me. of course i shoulder check the shit out of him.
after a bit i look back to make sure i didn’t just start something. instead it’s dude # 2 who saw it and caught up with me to tell me i’m beautiful

listening to phoebe bridgers and crying on the train in the best possible way holy shit

you ever work with someone on a software dev project and it's just like total chemistry? like every back and forth interaction is seamless and even fun and then you're like holy shit how did we get all this done already?

work in large scale deep learning and having pets are complimentary.
need to run your model for a while before you'll see results? go grab some coffee and walk your dog

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