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k, i have my own room in this place and i want a full size loft bed which is surprisingly kinda hard to find?

the new place has a soaking tub so if anyone wants to butter me up: bath bombs

my mom got me a sonicare toothbrush for xmas and now i’m addicted to brushing my teeth

kinda fully embracing the transsexual- who-can’t-dress-herself look

in kentucky, always gets carded

Right now my new year’s resolution list is just
- finish dissertation
- get FFS

the guy in the office next to mine has his desk facing our shared wall. all day he’s yelling into the phone, so loud that shutting the door and turning on noise canceling headphones doesn’t help

honestly please don’t stop roasting polyamory, this is the most i’ve enjoyed twitter in weeks

why is everyone canceling facebook for selling their data and not also netflix and spotify for buying and using it?

part of me keeps thinking about these knuck tats in reference to the ugly duckling theorem but i don’t think it works if you don’t know of the theorem

for a second i forgot that i had a bit to drink at the company thing and took mediocre selfies in front of this wallpaper

omg my company gives everyone personalized name plates after your first year and

lol so in my talk today i quoted a speaker panel that hadn’t happened yet

day two of being away for work and i miss being held 😞

this week has kind of been hell but the good news is that i managed to do the impossible and find an apartment in nyc that is within budget, in the location we want, and with a yard, dishwasher, and in-building laundry

i can tell i’m not in new york bc no one is jaywalking

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