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emotional labor,
except I'm doing regular work while emotional

all of my friends: actually create art that I find affecting and overwhelming on a daily basis

I'm anti-drag but only bc my self image hinges on being the tallest femme in the room

cool thing about being covered in tattoos is that now everyone has yet another excuse to offer unsolicited comments about my body 🙃

just been cycling between these two albums back and forth... in case you're curious how I'm doing

omg this trans subplot in Sabrina is too precious to deal with

lesson I learned from someone very dear: Whenever you want to describe someone as AMAB/AFAB, you can just not and everyone is better off. This applies to talking about anyone but especially enbies and ppl you don't know

(I'm not tagging them hopefully as a favor)

But, FIRST OF ALL, how about all that butch4butch energy?
- Arya + Gendry
- Brienne + Jamie

gonna thread GOT feelings so that *everyone* doesn't unfollow me at once

I don't know if I'll ever get over feeling like everything is my fault

when I've left the room and my friends need to get something off the top shelf

no idea how my life synced up so that in the exact moment I need it most, Lizzo drops this album. but I'm so fucking grateful for it

slept for more than 8 hours for the first time in recent memory. I guess I'm either more depressed than usual or less anxious

might fuck around and sleep all day today

currently resisting a very strong urge to buzz the side of my head

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