my sex life, kink talk 

"i should be writing but instead i'm sitting on the couch spacing out and idly playing with my tits" — the me story

sex, ow 

lewd, religious fasting 

weird how no one on Grindr likes hearing about minor Jewish fast days 🤔🤔🤔

lewd, cursed phrase 

once again, i find myself yearning for an app where you can just sext profligately with zero expectation of ever meeting and i am Bummed this doesn't exist

sex mention ish 

did i go and do my laundry? no. but was there a cute enby flirting with me, therefore making my lack of laundry-doing Eternally Beyond Critique? yes. case closed not taking criticism at this time

horny, lewd 

i'm honestly pretty indifferent about my armpit hair in general, but it tends to cause chasers to block me on sight and for this reason i cherish it


dating app snark 

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very horny, lewd imagination happening 

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Tail lewd, dominant, directed-at-reader 

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